Comfort Foods and Bagels

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Brookelynn Hodgin | Writer

April 26, 2022

Finals near. AP tests near. IB assessments near. Graduation nears…

As the school year comes to an end, the stress seems to build exponentially. In such dire times, many people find themselves reaching for something — anything — to take the edge off. Out of many options, there is no better solution with which to find solace: comfort food! 

Comfort foods elicit strong memories for most people, which is why eating your mom’s homemade mac n’ cheese immediately makes you feel better, or biting into that mediocre boxed brownie warms you instantly. It takes you back to a simpler time, like when you were little and came inside from playing outside with the neighbors to the smell of cheesy goodness — or even two weeks prior, when you were baking brownies with your friends on Friday night.

“Mine is Nacho Cheese Doritos,” sophomore Taylor Juncaj stated. The crunch of a nice chip is beyond refreshing after a long day of school.

Most people’s comfort foods are carby and filling. Carbohydrates have the ability to encourage serotonin production, which is why eating bread makes a lot of people feel better, especially when undergoing extreme stress. Your brain naturally craves foods with nutrients that the body needs, specifically the needs of your body at that moment. So next time you feel stressed and a piece of cheesecake factory bread sounds to die for, go find some carbs and let the good times roll!

TESSA CAMPBELL AND TAYLOR JUNCAJ sharing the bagel love before a stressful day at school. Brookelynn Hodgin 

Bagels in particular are the holy grail when it comes to comfort foods and making people feel better. There’s a widespread joke that people will obsess over bagels for a month and then forget they existed for about three months after the fact. Then they remember about bagels again and eat them religiously for a month, then the obsession drops off. This cycle repeats itself, students going from bagel connoisseur to a below-average bagel fanatic.

“I love bagels,” junior Tessa Campbell said. “There is nothing better than waking up in the morning and applying cream cheese to a freshly toasted bagel. Bagels are therapeutic.”

Some of the best bagels, aside from the obvious (Bagel Shack), are the ones you make at home. But if you are looking for a gourmet bagel, go to places like ​​Einstein Bros. or Bagel Bistro. 

So next time you’re feeling stressed, hungry, or in the mood for some good food, go get some of the foods that make you the happiest. And if that means driving all the way to Mission Viejo for a bagel, then, go do it.

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