A look inside girl’s water polo

BACK ROW, FROM LEFT: Coach Scott Bozanic, Kayla Fishel, Mia Smith, Talyn Pelkey, Coach Logan Powell, Shea Gallagher, Charlotte Musial, Emmi Franklin, Coach Dani Mitchell. FRONT ROW, FROM LEFT: Victoria Hoyos, Macey Punak, Savannah Punak, Ruby Hawbecker, Phoebe DeMoss, Helene MacBeth, Sophia Reardon, Liv Baedeker. Mantecon Photography

Shea Gallagher | Student Life Editor

December 16th, 2022

With a long pre-season leading us up to it, girls’ water polo has officially begun. As we welcome Coach Logan, returning from coaching Ottawa University in Arizona, we are excited for this 2022 season. This year, we have a lot to look forward to, such as defending our League Champion title for the seventh year in a row, several tournaments, and CIF. Many hear of our winning games, but not all know us…

Meet varsity: 

#1 Savannah Punak (12) – Lifeguards at a pool, deeply enjoys chicken alfredo pasta and boba, can appreciate a good video game, and is going into her ninth year of playing polo. 

#1A Sophia Reardon (9) – Loves boba, is obsessed with video games (especially Valorant), and has been playing for eight years. 

#2 Kayla Fishel (12) – Favorite foods are poke bowls and smoothies, environmentalist, drives a Mazda, and has been playing for eight years. 

#3 Ruby Hawbecker (12) – An avid pomegranate consumer, she keeps her room clean all the time and is in her eighth year. 

#4 Charlotte Musial (11) – IB student, loves charged tea from Panera, drives a Prius, and has been playing for seven years. 

#5 Phoebe Demoss (10) – Favorite food is sushi, she loves her two dogs and has been playing for seven years. 

#6 Shea Gallagher (12) – Thoroughly enjoys crocheting beanies, scores well below average on math tests, gets easily sunburnt, and is in her fifth year. 

#7 Helene MacBeth (12) – Addicted to Canes, works at Menchies, has been playing water polo for eight years, our team’s token ginger, and Survivor’s biggest fan. 

#8 Liv Baedeker (10)- Loves pickles, can speak German, and has been playing for four years. 

#9 Macey Punak (10) – Dependent on caffeine, aspiring biologist, been playing for eight years. 

#10 Talyn Pelkey (10) –  Would instead be reading a book, is nearly 6’0 tall,  and is in her eighth year.

#11 Mia Smith (11) – IB student, drives a chevy bolt, occasionally goes by “Jodi Duckworth,” a Fortnite fanatic, and loves to eat primos tacos at the beach with her friends. 

#13 Emmi Franklin (9)-  Favorite snack is Goldfish; she claims she “drowns in the pool” and has been playing for four years. 

#14 Victoria Hoyos (10) – In love with Corn Nuts, enjoys cooking, and has been playing for three years.



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