The simplicity of Valentine’s day

CANDY HEARTS: the best simple candy that sums up the special words of Valentine’s day. 

Gracie Reynolds | Writer

January 20th, 2023

Valentine’s is the day for love to be shown and expressed to and from the ones you love. The day is commonly viewed as a romantic holiday, but it can also be treated as any other holiday. Every time that day appears on the calendar people either complain or rejoice about how their day is going or how their day is going to end up. Not everyone understands the true meaning of Valentine’s Day other than the colors, the candy, and the “love” that is supposed to be expressed toward your partner and loved ones.

It all started on February 14, when this annual holiday was created. The celebration of romantic love, friendship, and admiration for the important people in your life.

“My friends and I always celebrate Valentine’s Day by going out to a nice dinner and enjoying each other’s company,” said junior Maggie Greene. This tradition is known as ‘Galentine’s’. Newly popular, Galentine’s is simply a little get-together with your girlfriends. You and your friends can decorate it to be super cute and add Valentine-themed colors and decor to the interior. Who said that this holiday is only for couples? Not me! It can be celebrated any way you want to do it!

Mark it on your calendars, the sweet day Tuesday, February 14, 2023!

Red, white and pink are the colors that best describe the definition of love— the feeling of intense affection for another person.

“I really enjoy the colors,” senior Jane Rothey said. “It makes you feel really warm and adds comfort.” But the colors are not the only thing that Valentine’s day is about. The holiday started as a Christian feast day, which honored an early Christian martyr named Saint Valentine. This later became significant in culture, religion, and a celebration of romance, and since then has become a holiday that appears on everyone’s calendars marking the day of February 14.

It seems that many people are not the biggest fan of the loving holiday. But this year, I encourage you to try to see the holiday from a different perspective. Whether you are single or taken on this day, remember to focus on loving and enjoying the company of all in your life who bring you joy.

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  1. Very well written and you’re absolutely correct
    It is all about expressing love towards all who are
    Family and friends and showing kindness to others Great Job 👏

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