The famous Valentine’s Day candies

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Gracie Reynolds | Writer

February 16, 2023

Each year as this holiday appears there seem to be many candies involved, making it add to the special day of each loved one being celebrated. But the real question is what is the best Valentine’s day candy?

Most people like the rich, yummy taste of sweet milk chocolate, while others like the chewy, sour, colorful candies. But there are so many different candies to choose from, “Personality I think the Hershey chocolate kisses are gas” freshman Osvaldo Hernandez. I would say liking chocolate verse another candy is somewhat of a fifty-fifty chance. I believe most Valentine’s day gifts come with some sort of candy to make their gift a little extra sweet.

But, another combination is chocolate-covered strawberries, Ms. Peter states, “Dark chocolate-covered strawberries are my favorite because they have the mix between the bitter and sweet combination.” The combination of these two are a fan favorite. That simple bite of a little chocolate and a little strawberry makes that bite ten thousand- times better. Although there are a ton of Valentine’s day candy including chocolates and sour things there are the famous conservation hearts that have been around for many years. These simple but meaningful candy hearts are great for a special loved one or even your best friend. Many of you may know what these candies are but, if you do not know they have famous little phrases like, “Be Mine, Kiss Me, Call Me, Hug Me, etc.”

Overall, there are many favorite candies that have been around for many years. But it seems like the overall favorite candy is something to do with chocolate, especially for the Valentines Day. This would make sense due to the fact that chocolate seems to be more tasteful even when it comes to something you want to snack on for a couple of days. Feel free to comment below what you favorite Valentines day candy is, I would love to know!

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