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JEAN-MICHAEL BASQUIAT: a museum celebrating this iconic artist’s artwork. Los Angeles Times.

Writer | Chloe Gerhard

May 19, 2023

Los Angeles is a hot spot for the arts with a multitude of concert venues and art museums. Summer is on the horizon. LA being only a one-hour drive, makes it the perfect day trip to absorb breathtaking art with friends and family.

There are close to one hundred art museums in the city of Los Angeles and here are a few worth noting:

Jean-Michel Basquiat: King Pleasure:

Located at the new art venue, LA Grand the Jean-Michel Basquiat: King Pleasure exhibit showcases a collection of rarely shown and never shown art by Basquiat mostly curated by his family. The Museum is a multi-room journey through Basquiat’s life. To tell this iconic artist’s story, not only does the museum showcase Basquiat’s art but also includes recreations of his childhood home and studio.

Another museum that is worth a day trip is The Getty.

THE GETTY: An art lover’s paradise. Sunnydayscoot.

The Getty sits atop Los Angeles with stunning views of the city. The only way to access this location is to take the iconic Getty tram which will transport you up to one of the best museums the world has to offer. This museum has artworks from medieval, renaissance, Italian and French decorative arts, 19th century paintings, drawings and photographs. The Getty has something for every art connoisseur. Museum goers can relax in the 134,000 square foot central garden with view of the entire city of angels

Art lovers with a passion for film can enjoy The Academy Museum.

Film lovers can explore the past and present of film production at The Academy Museum. From Dorothy’s ruby slippers to the La La land wardrobe and the Midsummer flower dress, Dark Crystal puppets, this museum truly covers all genres and eras of film, leaving all film bros satisfied. Viewers can look at the wardrobe, props, technology and thought behind their favorite films.

Not only is Los Angeles a center for visual arts, it’s a mandatory tourstop for some of the biggest names in music.

Two enormous concert venues in LA include the Forum and Sofi stadium. In the last year Lizzo and Harry styles have both played at the Forum. This summer Alicia Keys and Drake are set to perform at the venue. Sofi can hold over 70,000 people, making it one of the biggest stadiums in the country. Artists including Billy Noel, Stevie Nicks, and The Weekend have all done shows there. This summer, “swifties” prepare for Taylor Swift to make her Sofi Studium debut. 

THE KIA FORUM: A place to see your favorite artists. Liveforlivemusic.

In the coming summer months leave the Orange County bubble and indulge in the best art The City Angeles has to offer, so bring a friend or family member and let your exploration of the arts begin.

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