2023 Summer style

COMPETITIVE: The Goodwill bins have spiked in popularity, with people fighting for fashion pieces. (Nicole Craine)

Carly Altman | Writer & Emma Barbernell | Writer/Photographer

August 29, 2023

As summer comes to a close, various different clothing trends come to depict a vibrant and unique season of summer fashion. Between both feminine and masculine styles, many new and returning trends have become prevalent throughout the past few months. Whether you opted for jorts and other oversized pieces or tight silhouettes and corsets, the fashion in summer 2023 has been extremely distinctive as people begin to recognize the importance of sustainable and timeless fashion in an ever-changing world. 

Feminine styles, corsets, maxi and mini dresses, and various styles of skirts dominated the summer. Many different styles of corsets and bustier tops, often in vibrant colors or adorned with lace, were a summer staple for both formal and casual attire. Additionally, maxi and mini dresses in fun florals and numerous hues were a major trend, especially for summer travel and formal wear. Continuing into the school year, both mini and maxi skirts have also been an extremely popular fashion choice, ranging from denim to tiered flowy maxi skirts.

FASHION ICON Stella Thomas walking down the street strutting her stuff. (Emma Barbernell)

Denim continues to be a major aspect of summer fashion. Beginning in 2022, jorts and baggy jeans have become a beloved trend and have maintained their popularity throughout the summer of 2023. Additionally, the low-rise era of the 2000s has returned as an emerging trend within denim and cargo pants. Overalls have also made their mark, becoming a fashion staple for casual summer wear. Especially with the current heat in California, overall shorts have been an extremely popular choice, generally in blue, white, or black.

Masculine styles like camo, boxers, athletic wear, Carhartt, vintage truckers, button-ups, and baggier fitting clothes have been rising in popularity. Hunting for real tree camo has been nearly impossible, and the demand for camo is raising prices everywhere. Camo once used by country folk is now desired by fashionable teens everywhere. In addition, the small top and big pants combo is a staple in 2023 style. Proportions make the outfit. Athletic wear like Adidas, Asics, and New Balance have also been making a return. People pair their Adidas with just about anything, color-coordinating their shoes to their top. “There really isn’t planning behind my outfits, I just remember the world is my oyster,” Senior Stella Thomas explained. “I like colors and cute details.”

The Goodwill Bins, a goodwill outlet with bins full of discarded clothes from nearby stores, have been receiving lots of attention. People often drive several hours to visit the best locations. It’s a dollar by the pound, and your cart is weighed on a scale. This concept is great for the environment and very affordable. Over the summer, junior Eliotte Paredes visited with a few of her friends and explained that the Goodwill bins were “almost like a sport: people standing in line outside at 7 am waiting to get inside.” Instead of always buying new clothes, visit your local Goodwill Bins to find unique and environmentally conscious pieces. There are outlets in San Diego, Santa Ana, and Los Angeles.

In an era of rapidly changing trends and seasons, it is crucial to recognize the importance of sustainable and timeless fashion. As trends continue to come and go, millions of garments get discarded and have an extremely lasting impact on the environment. By visiting local thrift stores, the goodwill bins, or purchasing through resale sites such as Depop, you can continue to invest in diverse clothing at a fraction of the price while also being more environmentally conscious. Remember to always consider the impacts of your purchases and develop your own unique style based not only on what is popular, but what you like. 

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