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UNITED OIL: Gas station on El Camino Real. (Jordyn Banks)

Jordyn Banks | Writer

November 2, 2023

What do most people look for in a gas station? Low prices and convenience. United Oil (Rocket) offers both of these. Located in the middle of bustling downtown San Clemente on El Camino Real, United Oil has become a local favorite.

As gas prices continue to rise, with Circle K’s average prices at $5.45 per gallon, San Clemente Valero’s prices at $5.29, and United Oil at $5.19, United clearly takes the win for having the best prices –which is reason enough to get your gas there. 

Senior Ava Martinez remarked, “Whenever I am in the area, I always stop at United. They have the best prices, so they’re definitely my favorite gas station.” 

SNACKS GALORE: The variety of sweet treats and drinks at United Oil. (Jordyn Banks)

Next, United is in a convenient spot, with easy primary street access and plenty of space to navigate your car to any of the eight gas pumps available.

Inside, you can find an assortment of delicious snacks, such as chips, popcorn, and candies. They also have a variety of drinks, ranging from general sodas to name-brand drinks, like Starbucks Coffee, Yerba Mate tea, and Celcius. Not only this, but they also have fresh fruit, freshly brewed coffee, cappuccinos, and the best smoothies. 

Overall, United is one of the few gas stations that checks off all the boxes: low prices, clean interior and exterior, good location, and various good snacks. Next time you drive down El Camino Real with a low tank, you should stop at United (795 S El Camino Real).

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