A few steps students should do to prepare before finals

HERE: is what someone’s desk could possibly look when they are getting ready to study for finals. (Gracie Reynolds)

Gracie Reynolds | Writer

November 30, 2023

Christmas break is just around the corner and students are ready to get these finals over. Since finals seem to cause students stress, it can be a bit overwhelming, plus early action for college applications are due. But there are a few steps that can help with a stress free environment.

A few things that can contribute to a better outcome is not only studying so you will feel confident in the material, but also meditating or relaxing, listening to music, getting caught up on any zeros, and more. There are many solutions that can help to a better outcome.

“I try to be Zen and keep the confidence high,” senior James Mordock said.

Keeping your confidence high is always a great thing to do too. It is a good way to keep the negative comments away in your head and focus on the objectives that need to be completed. Another thing that is very important is to make sure you are calm. This may be easier said than done, but it creates a sense of peace that will help you go into the right head space.

SNEAK PEAK: of what the finals schedule looks like! (Gracie Reynolds)

“I make sure to study, relax and be able to get into the right mindset before I go into each class,” stated senior Bailey Hildreth.

Some other things to keep in mind are study sessions. It is always a fun experience to go and meet up with some of your friends or classmates and study before you take a certain final. This could take place at home, at a restaurant or even in the school library.

Another essential task that creates a better outcomes is sleep. Sleep is very important and plays a big role in everyone’s daily lives, especially when it comes to taking a test. Along with eating a healthy nutritious meal.  This will provide you the strength and nutrition to get through each period final.

I hope each of these ideas can help contribute to a stress free finals week!

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