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HANGING AROUND AT HANGER18: a local indoor rock climbing. (Kayla Jones)

Kayla Jones | Writer

January 25, 2024

As fall sports slowly ramp to an end and spring sports start preseason, students can’t get enough of available athletic activities. However, many sports aren’t included in CIF that our student body takes part in.

“Outside the school, I take part in the rock climbing community,” said senior Munroe Kraus. “The community of Climbers is one of the best out there. We support while we continue to challenge ourselves.” Rock Climbing is a tough and agile sport that requires a lot of upper-body strength. The local rock climbing gym, Hangar 18, continues to attract attention from locals of all ages. Though competitions aren’t regularly held there, students interested in this activity are still able to find local events and even partake in singular day passes. The climbing stations, labeled V0-V11 by difficulty, are changed weekly to offer climbers a new challenge. Though the sport is done independently by getting up the wall, students enjoy the collaborative connections with others.

“It’s a place to connect with others of the same interest and bounce ideas and creativity on how to succeed in our challenge,” said senior Spencer Mallgrave. These athletes have created the SCHS Climbing Club to help others discover a new activity.

Rock climbing isn’t the only sport that has caught students’ attention. Ice hockey season is on the rise, and has attracted many students with a passion for the intense, collaborative sport.

ICE IN THEIR VEINS: The 18+ Hockey League is located in Aliso Viejo at the Ice Palace. (Kayla Jones)

“I started ice hockey around sophmore year,” said senior Samantha Jones. “Although I started late I haven’t given up on working my hardest on the sport I love.” The demand for speed and balance is not easy for any beginner. Hockey is a demanding sport that many students partake in. The nearest rink can be found in Aliso Niguel, a challenging commute for the student-athlete. “I am currently competing with ages 18 and up and would love to be able to connect with students around here if there was more accessibility to the sport. Having an Ice Rink at school wouldn’t be so bad,” she said.

Another sport slowly on the rise is rugby. It is a newly popular sport that has been spreading over the East Coast. Though rugby is not part of the CIF division, there is a Triton Rugby Team on campus. This is a harsh and rugged sport that has been attracting a lot of the student body.

If you’re searching for an activity that challenges creativity, balance, and strength check out these sports and many more!

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