2024 Winter Formal poster review


CREATIVE: posters that show all the different ideas that each of the students come up with! (schspromposalss)

Gracie Reynolds | Writer

February 1, 2024

Leading up to the Winter Formal dance last Saturday, many students  asked one another to attend the dance together. Typically this dance is in the middle of the school year and girls normally ask the other person they want to go to the dance with.

This year I believe that most students were creative with each of their posters. Some are definitely unique. The signs are typically created for each student and their unique personality along with something that they may be interested in. For example, some people may do sports or love to surf so you could use that specific activity to create their poster.

ACTIVE DANCE INSTAGRAM: which students can follow to see their peers posters! The instragram is schspromposalss give it a follow.(schspromposalss)

For instance, some people do not partake in some of these activities or like to even go to the dance. It all depends on how you interpret school dances. For instance, “I think most school dances in my opinion are overrated,” junior Keegan Banks stated.

This shows not everyone thinks that going to a school dance is something enjoyable and maybe they rather do something else more appealing. Plus having two other school dances per year gives you some time to think about which dance you really want to attend.

“Since I do follow the instagram I like to see all the posters and for instance, it shows the students being creative, especially this year’s “poop” poster,” junior Coleton Johnson expressed.

The SCHS promposals account shows all different students getting asked whether it be by a piece of paper or a poster. Someone sends in the proposal picture and it shortly gets posted onto the feed for whoever follows the account to see.  This account pretty much keeps students in the que of who asked who and how they asked, which could either turn out to be a good or a bad thing.

So, stay in the loop or give the instagram a follow and you can see this year’s upcoming prom poster proposals!


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