Authentic or artificial? How AI is challenging the fashion industry


THE FASHION INDUSTRY IS CHANGING: AI is putting fashion at risk. (Unite.AI)

Brianna Hernandez | Head Editor

February 7, 2024

As of 2024, one of the most talked about topics is artificial intelligence (AI) and its overwhelming effects on society. artificial intelligence has been talked about for years, but at the start of 2020, it grew immensely. You can find AI on various platforms, such as TikTok, Snapchat, ChatGPT, and more. The concept of AI is also seen through film, usually being criticized or negatively displayed upon viewers. Movies like Foe, Don’t Worry Darling, The Matrix, and Blade Runner, all show the dark side of artificial intelligence and its effects. Many fear that AI will take over society, especially since it is making advancements at a quicker rate. Artificial intelligence is taking over multiple industries and jobs- one of them being the fashion industry. 

Fashion is one of the most talked about industries by the public, as it is usually greatly admired or harshly criticized, mostly due to the extroverted designs and clothing construction. Working in the fashion industry is a place for people to express their creativity and talents, but now with artificial intelligence, many fear that they won’t be able to express themselves in the future. Currently, many companies like Amazon and Shein are using AI to copy stylish clothing and create duplicates of their own. Amazon is creating duplicates of one of the most popular clothing brands known as SKIMS, founded by Kim Kardashian. Many are purchasing the duplicates, as they are more affordable and convenient. Besides SKIMS, these companies are creating duplicates of other brands such as Aritzia, UGG, Lululemon, and Bottega Vendetta. Multiple fashion designers and people who work in the industry are concerned because not only are these companies stealing designs, but they are increasing the rate of fast fashion and global warming.

Artificial intelligence is taking over the jobs of multiple designers, since now anyone can create clothing and designs using AI platforms. Multiple designers are infuriated, as it has become harder to create designs and they fear that they will eventually lose their jobs. The fashion industry is all about expression and creativity, but soon it may become too artificial. “I think that with AI, small fashion designers that are starting will have a tougher time [designing and participating] and [they] will have to accommodate with that,” said senior Rebeca Ortega. Unfortunately, AI will continue to grow and designers will have to learn how to cope with it while also trying to limit its use in the industry. If designers keep the industry authentic rather than artificial, there is hope that the fashion industry can still succeed and remain a safe space to let individuals’ creativity flow. 

AI MODELS TAKE OVER THE FASHION INDUSTRY: What will be the future of real models? (

While artificial intelligence is taking over designs, it is also taking possession of the jobs of models., a platform that creates realistic fashion models for websites, claims to make it easier for designers to display their clothes, rather than hiring actual models. Not only does the website claim to be cheaper than paying for actual models, but it also asserts that it promotes diversity. The AI-generated website creates models of all shapes, sizes, and colors, making it easier to exhibit clothing and giving buyers an idea of how the clothing would look on them depending on their own identity. Many don’t agree with the use of this website, since it also removes the authenticity of fashion and expression. “Using AI removes the aspect of reality. If we use AI models it doesn’t show the reality of what a person could look like,” commented senior Yara Hernandez. Although the AI website tries to make the models look as realistic as possible, it is better to use real diverse models, rather than making replicas of them because they are still not close to displaying the reality of the form of a human being. Besides, fashion brands should instead hire real models that represent the diverse aspects they desire; it will benefit both the brand and the models who need a job. 

In a matter of time, artificial intelligence will advance and will put many industries at risk. To keep creativity, expression, and contribution alive, people must take initiative and use less technology. Living in a world filled with technology not only will change the future but it won’t allow people to experience the real world. The fashion industry is at risk and it’s in the hands of its contributors to prevent it from becoming too artificial. 

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