Best spring break destinations of 2024

SEE THE WORLD: Colorado, New York, and Mexico (left to right) are among the most popular spring break destinations. (Carly Altman)

Carly Altman | Writer

February 15, 2024

A spring break vacation is the perfect opportunity to get away from school and travel to new, exciting places around the world. While it may seem a bit premature to begin considering possible travel destinations for early April, now is the best time to start planning. To minimize costs and ensure availability, it is crucial to begin thinking about your spring break vacation as soon as possible.

When considering locations for spring break, the two most essential factors almost always come down to time and money. Due to the shorter time frame of spring break compared to summer or winter breaks, limiting travel time is optimal to maximize time spent at your destination. Regarding cost, there are plenty of options for both inexpensive and luxury experiences.

No matter what you are searching for, a wide variety of pleasant vacation options are sure to make your spring break great. Here are several diverse and enjoyable options for this year’s break:

1. Mexico

Mexico is the perfect place if you are looking for a tropical vacation filled with relaxation and a high-energy atmosphere. With Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun being some of the most popular spots, each will suffice for an enjoyable getaway. Due to Mexico’s direct border with California, travel time is a mere 2-4 hours. Mexico is well-known for offering all-inclusive service, luxurious hotels, warm weather, and beautiful beaches, often for a much lower price than many other tropical locations.

2. New York

If you prefer the bustling atmosphere of a big city, the Big Apple is the perfect spot to spend your spring break. New York City, the epitome of city life, provides a vast change of scenery from California. The city offers great entertainment and art, including Broadway, music, and museums, as well as good food and plenty of shopping. Spring break is the perfect opportunity to see the city’s iconic cherry blossom trees, blooming in late March and early April.

TIMES SQUARE: New York City’s energetic center of life. (Carly Altman)

“I’m so excited to be traveling to New York City this spring break,” exclaimed junior Adelyn Haderlie. “The city is one of my favorite places to be and has many unique experiences.”

However, New York tends to lean on the more expensive side, with hotels and food being exceptionally pricey during the busy travel season. With its position on the opposite coast, New York City is approximately a 5-6 hour flight from Santa Ana.

3. Utah/Colorado

If you are hoping to spend a bit more time in the snow before the heat of summer, consider opting for a vacation to the slopes of Utah or Colorado. Whether you prefer skiing, snowboarding, or simply spending time in a winter atmosphere, both of these states provide optimal conditions in early spring. The flight from Santa Ana to Utah is approximately 2 hours, while Colorado is a bit further, around 3 hours. However, a trip to Colorado generally tends to be a bit more expensive than Utah. Both are well-known snow sports destinations and great for a change from California’s coast.

4. Road Trip

A road trip is an excellent route if you prefer to stay closer to home or seek a cheaper alternative. Avoiding the cost of flights, minimizing transportation costs, and providing enjoyable time with family or friends, road trips are an exciting and fun way to travel outside the comfort of your home.

“I love traveling on the road with my family,” explained junior Liv Dyer. “It’s a great way to bond and experience nature’s beauty.”

If you are looking to stay in California, Palm Springs, San Francisco, and Mammoth are great options easily accessible by road travel. Additionally, a road trip to nearby National Parks (either inside or outside of California) is a great way to see beautiful and unique aspects of nature and engage in activities in the great outdoors.

Spring is a great time to travel; avoiding the summer crowds and heat, spring is one of the greatest vacation periods of the year. With the time off from school, take the opportunity to experience the world and the places you have yet to see.

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