Too Good To Go: app review

TOO GOOD TO GO: a new app that attempts to combat food waste in the restaurant industry. (Trustpilot)

Jenna Forss | Arts & Entertainment Editor

March 12, 2024

The staggering amount of food wasted annually by restaurants in the United States is an estimated 22 to 33 billion pounds; an unfortunate truth considering that there are still 44.2 million Americans who struggle to get enough food to feed themselves. It is perplexing that hunger continues to persist in a first-world country like America while perfectly edible food is discarded. Initiatives like food banks, charities, and the innovative app, Too Good To Go, attempt to fight this frustrating statistic.

Too Good to Go rightfully bears the slogan “Save Food – Help the Planet.” Originating in Copenhagen, this app has spread all the way to America. It took off especially in major cities like San Francisco and New York City, with people receiving almost full meals at the end of the day for a reasonable discount. Recently, it has made its way down to Los Angeles and other nearby areas.

Given my recent experience with Too Good To Go, I am impressed by the concept, but I have also noticed some highlighted areas for improvement. In San Clemente, it is quite challenging to find establishments participating in the app. Many options nearby are niche, and the limited availability makes this process seem even less tempting. 

The only place that seemed to hold any promise was Mochinut, a restaurant known for its unique fusion of American and Japanese desserts of mochi and donuts by using tapioca flour in this fried food. Mochinut appears to be the most popular location on Too Good To Go that is nearest to our school– which makes securing a box from Mochinut difficult due to their limited quantities, typically offering only five to six boxes. Fortunately, I managed to swipe up a box with a pickup window between 9:15 and 9:45. 

I simply went in, showed them my order and they handed me a box of blank donuts.

ARE THESE REALLY too good to go?: The donuts I received from my order for $5. (Jenna Forss)

For a price comparison to a normal order, I received seven donuts for five dollars when normally only half a dozen donuts run you up $20. Senior Taylor Juncaj, who came with me on this experience, stated, “Everything about it was super easy!” We simply went in, showed them the order, and they handed us the box.

Another person who came along on the trip, senior Izzy Farrell, voiced, “I didn’t really like those kinds of donuts, but the concept itself was cool.” Too Good to Go is a fantastic idea, but I believe the execution in our general location could be improved by expanding this experience to more locations. There is no excuse not to implement this app, the experience is easy for both the restaurant and the consumer so it is time for everyone to start using this app.

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