Senior Assassins review

SOPHIA MILLER: at the Irvine Spectrum with her floaties and goggles, not risking losing the $1500 1st place prize. (Sophia Miller)

Sienna Taus | Student Life Editor

March 21, 2024

Senior Assassins started Wednesday, February 29th and within the first week, only 32 out of the 244 who signed up were eliminated. Some would suggest the small number of people playing in this year’s games is the reason for the limited kills. Other people are becoming too reliant on their floaties, wearing them everywhere, making it impossible for their assassin to kill their targets. 

THE INSTAGRAM FOR SENIOR ASSASSIN: where updates and new kills are posted for everyone to see. (schsseniorassins24)

However, not to worry, the purge arrived and plenty of people were killed. For those who aren’t playing, the purge is a three-day period of no protection from the floaties, where anyone can kill anyone. To move on to round two, you need to have killed two people from the purge list and survived until the end of the purge. 

Statistics Going Into the Purge…



(In counting—will be updating on Instagram, @schsseniorassins24)

What’s in question now is whether the floaties and goggles are still valid. 

People camp out at their target’s house or place of work for hours only to see them walk outside with floaties and feel disappointed that they wasted hours of their lives. Senior Kendall Hood expressed that she “likes the floaties, but [she] feels like it’s really hard to get your target because they are constantly protected.” 

On the other hand, floaties are part of the game and make the purge that much more scary and exciting when they are removed altogether. Senior Mason Henderson thinks that the floaties are “important to the game” but wishes the protection item was “something more creative or maybe changed up a little to keep the games more interesting.”

In the next couple of weeks or months, hopefully, the participants of Senior Assassins can channel their inner Joe (from the T.V. show, You) and become creepy stalkers to hunt down their targets and catch them without their floaties.

During the purge, approximately 130 people were killed—so much action that the Instagram account actually stopped working. Now,  kills and new information can be found in the stories rather than in a post.

Round two has been slightly boring, as the past couple of days have only seen a few kills. This has led to a change in the immunity system, wherein participants are now required to be barefoot to ensure safety. This will cause more looks and glares from random people than the floaties, so, be prepared to be embarrassed if you or your friends are taking senior assassins seriously and planning on going anywhere other than school or your house.

Good luck to my fellow seniors, although please do not eliminate me!

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