A Night of Dance and Unity: Celebrating diversity and culture at SCHS

PRINCIPAL CARTER and Mrs. Carter take on the dance floor at the Latino Student Union dance! (Finn Thomas)

Brianna Hernandez | Head Editor

April 30, 2024

On April 12th, the Latino Student Union successfully hosted a school dance at SCHS. Over 100 tickets were sold, and many students attended. “Noche de Baile,” as titled by the Latino Student Union’s board members, took many months of planning and execution. Thanks to all the effort put into the dance, the night was filled with electrifying music, and many people showed off their best dancing skills. 

The Latino Student Union was founded this school year by teachers Sarah Kang and Wendy Gonzalez. Elections were held in October, and the first official board members for the 2023-2024 school year were selected. Sophia Pinon, Rebeca Ortega, Kristel Donis, Brianna Hernandez, and Yair Medina were the five selected board members for the 2023-2024 school year. The Latino Student Union’s goal was to create a more diverse, inclusive, and welcoming environment for Latino students at SCHS. With meetings revolving around culture and traditions and bringing the school together, many students felt seen and represented on campus. The Union had a successful year, as it took many meetings and effort to reach their goals. Music in Spanish is played in school dances, Latino representation can be seen in spirit assemblies, and culture is displayed around campus with cultural decorations. Before the school year came to an end, LSU wanted to do one more big thing, and that was to host a dance.

THE LATINO STUDENT UNION official 2023-2024 board members. (Finn Thomas)

With LSU’s goal of having more representation and inclusivity on campus, the dance was able to make that come true. The dance was centered around Latino culture and was filled with multiple Latino music genres in Spanish. The food ranged from tacos to Aguas Frescas, and the music from reggaeton to banda. The live band played multiple rhythmic songs that drove every student to dance and have fun on the dance floor. From line dancing to jumping and dancing in pairs, the night was filled with thrilling energy. Students from different cultures appeared and learned how to dance to music they’d never heard. “The goal was to create a fun and memorable dance for all students to enjoy, and thankfully, we were able to do that,” said LSU president Sophia Pinon. “Seeing people from different cultures learn about different cultures and have a fun time was rewarding since it took countless amounts of time and meetings to make this dance come to life.” 

Teachers and staff attended the dance and were surprised to learn about Latino culture and music. Besides teachers, other students who weren’t Hispanic also attended and were taught by their peers how to dance. Everyone stayed at the dance until the last song played, and the night was successful. With its success, Principal Carter and Activities Director Matthew Reid agreed to keep this dance as a tradition for the rest of the upcoming years and for future generations at SCHS. 

It is safe to say that the Latino Student Union achieved its goals, as it established the representation and inclusivity they dreamed of having at SCHS. With the end of the school year arriving, the board members are ready to elect the members for the 2024-2025 school year. Most of the members, seniors, feel happy about what they accomplished for the Latino community at SCHS. “As a senior who was a part of the union, I am very proud of our achievements and glad that I had the opportunity to impact other students before I leave,” said Vice President Rebeca Ortega. “I think the board members and I did a great job. I cannot wait to see what other things can be accomplished throughout the years.”

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