Hot yoga and its benifits

HOT YOGA: the newest workout for teens. (Greatist)

Claire Hedger | Arts & Entertainment Manager/Social Media Manager

May 2, 2024

I’m sure most people have heard or tried yoga at least once in their life. Yoga, known for its gentle stretches and challenging poses, offers a unique physical workout that benefits the body in several ways. It improves flexibility, which is crucial for adolescents who spend long hours sitting at desks. After taking yoga for my PE credit sophomore year I have developed a love for the practice. 

Regular yoga practice has helped me reduce stiffness and increase my range of motion, making daily activities easier and more enjoyable. Each pose is designed to work specific muscle groups, and as you balance and hold poses, you’re essentially using your body weight as resistance. This has been especially beneficial for me as it has enhanced my overall strength without putting too much strain on my body, unlike some high-impact sports.

Recently, however, I have started practicing hot yoga, and I must say, it is intense. I go to Melt yoga studio in Ladera Ranch. They offer a variety of different yoga classes from classic yoga to intense cardio sculpt. The room is kept at 98 degrees with humidity, but from experience, it feels like 400 degrees.

MELT YOGA: the best yoga studio in Ladera Ranch. (Melt Yoga)

“Hot yoga is one of my favorite workouts,” says junior Julia Sipelis. “I am dripping sweat by the end of it.”

Hot yoga also poses a unique mental challenge. The intense heat and the demanding yoga poses require a level of focus and mental endurance that’s quite different from other forms of exercise. This practice has taught me to remain composed and persistent under pressure—a skill that’s incredibly beneficial for the stressful life of a high school senior facing exams and college applications.

Senior Brinley Wesch agrees that “hot yoga is something that every senior should try because it is the best way to get a good workout in while reducing stress.” 

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