Basic is back: women’s summer outfit predictions of 2024 

What to expect at the beach this summer! (BeautyHub.PH)

Sienna Miller | News Editor

May 21, 2024

Buying a summer wardrobe in the spring is not easy and yet it must be done. Predicting style in 2024 can be exhausting due to how fast trends move with the internet. This year the transition to hot beach bathing summer days is creeping up faster so here are some recap styles that may help anticipate the upcoming styles of summer. 

One side of the fashion world is attempting to go back to 2014. Kylie Jenner started this movement when she shocked the world with her vibrant pink hair echoing the Tumblr aesthetic at the beginning of the year. This kick-off to fashion created much talk online about how 2024 should be mirroring the 2014 aesthetic. 

KYLIE JENNER: the trendsetter of the year. (Instagram)

This summer aesthetic will include tied-up tank tops and short shorts that encompass an effortless beach babe vibe which is a style that is hard not to immediately fall in love with. Colors you may see include every version of pink known to humankind, yellow, teal, and other brighter colors harnessing the ultimate teenage girl look. 

“I’m so glad this look is coming back,” said junior Cora Gehret. “I went on a summer shopping spree and I mostly bought ripped shorts and baggy colorful shirts.”

Then again another huge trend of 2024 is going for a more vintage chic look with lighter, thinner cloth. This look makes your clothing look more timeless and elegant. If you want to look older than 19 this look is the way to go. 

With this comes the resurgence of the effortlessly chic and comfortable style with flowy basics. From breezy maxi dresses to loose-fitting linen tops, the trend embraces lightweight fabrics that allow for easy movement and breathability in the summer heat. 

Not to mention soft pastel hues and earthy tones dominate are adding to the laid-back vibe. Whether lounging by the beach or exploring the city streets, this style offers both cuteness and comfort for those seeking a carefree summer aesthetic.

“Sun dresses are coming in strong at the clothing store I work at, American Eagle,” said junior Bella Noble. “Most are either black or white and they vary in length. I’m also seeing a lot of floral patterns.”

The Met Gala inspired the youth as the country sweeps through Prom season, so draped dresses are taking over spring. For summer this might mean sun dresses. The flowy whimsical look encases both a stylish and relaxed look. Sundresses allow for a range of different styles like dressing down with sandals and bathing suits or styling it up with heels and statement jewelry pieces. Embraced by influencers like Kendell Jenner, sundresses embody the essence of laid-back glamour, capturing the summer sun. 

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