Food Review – LaRocco’s Pizza

Interested in having a delicious slice of an authentic East Coast pizza? If you haven’t been already, which would be shocking to this local food critic, then you have to make your way down to LaRocco’s Pizza in San Clemente.

Recently moved to 122 S El Camino Real, which is literally right across the street from the old location, you can anticipate finding more dining space, parking, and pizza choices. Over the past year, a new group of owners has bought this restaurant. Many were worried that because of the change in ownership, the pizzas would change, and eventually the restaurant would go to the dogs. However, quite the opposite has happened.

A senior at San Clemente High School, Devin Powell, works part-time at LaRocco’s and when asked if there’s any difference in the way these magnificent pies are made he stated that, “Nothing really has changed, but the new owners are now able to experiment with new ideas, as well as stick to the original recipes. One of my favorite new pizzas is the Taco pizza.” The new pies have been a creative and exciting change to their pervious menu, tasting just as great too!

Adding to the awesome pizza is the always laidback and friendly atmosphere, as the servers are ready to accommodate and take your order no matter what. These guys know customer service and are probably some of the most down to earth people you’ll meet in town.

If there was one downside to LaRocco’s, it would be the price. Don’t expect to spend less than ten bucks per person for a complete meal. However, if you’re in the mood for just a slice or two, or maybe a quick stop during lunchtime, this is the perfect spot. At just $6.95 for two slices of any pizza and a drink, you can experiment with all of their many different pizza choices.

So if you’re in the mood for a good pie, head on down to LaRoccos’s Pizza and see for yourself why San Clementians have enjoyed this restaurant for just over a decade. This food critic guarantees some of the best pizza you’ve ever had.

*Photo credited to Orange County Register*

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