The impact of abandoned oil wells

Ben Meyler | Writer February 7, 2021 As many countries across the world focus on improving environmental practices and reducing emissions, recent studies show that abandoned gas and oil wells may be having a severe impact […]

The Amazon is Dying

Grace Parry | Writer January 14, 2021 The Amazon Rainforest and Brazilian Pantanal are two of the most valuable ecosystems on Earth. The Amazon is the largest rainforest on Earth, and it is essential to […]

The Arctic is in danger

  Brooklyn Staab | Publicity Manager January 10, 2021 The Trump Administration recently decided to auction off 30% of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge land for oil drilling. The operations in the region are only […]

Tongass National Forest loses protections

Gisele Brandt | Head Editor November 1, 2020 Another ruthless attack on Alaskan wildlife was put into action on Thursday, October 29. President Trump has announced that more than 9.3 million acres of the 9.7 […]

Trestles is saved!

By Gisele Brandt | Head Editor October 11, 2020 Residents of San Clemente: you can finally take off your bumper stickers, because Trestles is saved! On October 1, 2020, state law AB 1426 was enacted, […]

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