Bryce Dutchik – Writer (2015-6)

Hey, I’m Brycen Dutchik, Im 17, a junior and this is my second year taking Newspaper. I low-key took this class to be with my girlfriend last year but ended up really excelling in and enjoying this […]

Bodie Hobson – Writer (2016-17)

Hello peasants, my name is Bodie Hobson and I’m a person that you want to know. I play rugby and I surf all the time. I really enjoy kicking it with friends on the weekends […]

Luke Overin- Photographer (2016)

     Hello, my name is Luke Overin and I am 17 years old. In my free time, I enjoy playing a large array of sports. I play pickup games of soccer and football every […]

Claudia Pacheco – Editor in Chief (2015-16)

In my first and last year as Editor in Chief, I plan to collaborate with the talented editors and writers of our newspaper team to help make Triton Times reflective of everything SCHS. While it requires patience, […]

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