Ian Warner – Writer (2016-17)

Hello world! My name is Ian Warner and I like to party (not really). I am 17 years old and a junior at SCHS. This is my first year taking Newspaper and I will try […]

Kieran Mitchell – Writer (2016-17)

My name is Austin Kieran Mitchell but I go by Kieran because there’s too many Austins out there. I joined this class because Maisie Shea made me but I’m finding I actually enjoy being here and it’s worth […]

Christian Wentzel – Writer (2016-17)

Hi, my name is Christian and I chose newspaper because I really enjoy writing and expressing myself through my writings and getting the truth out to the people. The Word of the Day Was Believe: […]

Koby Wolfe – Writer (2015-17)

Hi my name is Koby Wolfe, I’m 18 years old. I like to play football for the school and I love writing for the school newspaper. I wanted to join Newspaper because I enjoy writing […]

Geoffrey Osuna – Photography (2016-17)

My name is Geoff and I am a junior. This is my second year working on newspaper and I’m very excited to be doing so. I’ll be looking forward to meeting, interviewing, and photographing all […]

Claire Wilson – Writer (2016-17)

I chose to take newspaper because I want to major in Marketing and Advertising. I love writing and helping inform the public, especially the students of SCHS.

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