Senior night and mission accomplished #MissionK

[metaslider id=20903] Courtney McDonald | Student Life Editor &  Sofia Helmle | Writer October 25, 2018 Each year, Tritons gather at the last home game to celebrate football players and cheerleaders for the SCHS Senior Night. […]

An Exploration of the Depths of TikTok

By: Lexi Kortman | Writer October 25, 2018 Vine is gone. This unfortunate fact is enough to make any teen wish that it was 2015 again and they were scrolling through Nick Colletti’s profile. No […]

Ladies Show Off HoCo Fashion

By: Sofia Helmle | Writer October 11, 2018 This past Saturday, hundreds of Tritons gathered in the gym to celebrate our 2018 Homecoming. Being the first dance of the new school year, homecoming can put […]

Kavanaugh Appointment is an Atrocity

By: Lucy Terry | News Editor October 11, 2018 Brett Kavanaugh was officially appointed onto the Supreme Court on October 10, 2018, after weeks of strife and deliberation of his innocence concerning sexual assault allegations […]

The Bone-Chilling Truth About Our Classrooms

By: Courtney McDonald | Student Life Editor & Lexi Kortman | Writer October 11, 2018 It’s always sunny in Philadelphia — and Southern Orange County. This begs the question: why does the San Clemente High […]

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