Getting to Know Your Triton Proctors

The San Clemente High School proctors (excluding Pablo Cunningham) are featured here from left to right: Karen Graves, Allen Ehrgood, Dee Messinger, Adele Yearry, Greg Wire, Mitzi Lowe, and Brian Swartz.

By: Lyndsee Nickle | Photographer   &    Autumn Nicolai | Writer

February 28, 2017


You know those people in the golf carts that stroll around the school all day?

What are they really doing? What are they actually responsible for? They are not just enjoying the wind in their hair all day, right?

“Honestly I think they just ride around in those golf carts all day,” said San Clemente High School junior Brenden Torrance. “Other than that, I don’t really know what they do. Some of them like to yell, I guess.”

So, what do the proctors actually do and who are they? Check out our interview with Adele, Mitzy, Greg, Brian, Pablo, and Allen below to find out!

Explain your responsibilities as a proctor. 


Brian: Our main job is to monitor the safety of students. Make sure students don’t skip school and monitor certain posts (designated areas of concern around campus). We make sure all students leaving in a car have proper identification to leave, ensuring that they don’t have  a fifth or a sixth, which is indicated by a sticker on the ID card. It’s really a job where you observe and monitor what’s happening on school grounds in terms of the student safety. We also break up fights, hand out detentions, and look out for j-walkers.


What’s your favorite thing about your job?

Adele: The kids, definitely. You kids are great.

Pablo: Kids are nice, for the most part. They’re really cool. I haven’t had too many problems at all with the students that attend here.

Mitzy : I love that I get to be outside and with the teenagers. I love my job, it’s like the best job ever.

 Greg: Being with the kids, having fun.


What’s your least favorite part of working at the school?

Greg: Being with the kids.

Pablo : Adults can be a little catty, but  nothing I can’t deal with.

Mitzy: When there’s arguments with the co-workers. Not the kids. The kids can figure it out.

 Adele: How the girls want to show off more than they’re suppose to show.

What are your favorite hobbies outside of school? 


Pablo: I love being a coach. I coach wrestling here.

Mitzy: I horseback ride, I kayak, and I love to hang out at home.

Greg: Surfing, basketball, and being with my wife and kids.

Adele: I love the outdoors but when I’m off work I stay home a lot. I also like to walk the harbor, I like to get out, but I don’t like to shop or anything.

 How long have you worked at San Clemente High?

Greg: Close to 10 years now.


Mitzy: I’ve worked here for 9 years

Pablo: Only 2 years.

Adele: Close to 15 years.

Something the students may not know about the proctors is they help organize events like Winter Formal and Prom. They love to do this and have a fun time organizing the dances, clams Mitzi.

Either it’s a proctor who’s worked here for a little while now or a proctor that’s worked here for years, they love the students at San Clemente High School and they do their job with great passion. Yeah they may be just there as Kailee Newton, Junior tells us, but they do other things that we don’t realize. After all the proctors are good at what they do. They may not enjoy giving out detentions but it’s all part of the job.

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