Sutton Loughran – Writer (2018)

My name is Sutton Loughran. I  moved to San Clemente from Denver, Colorado two years ago, going into my sophomore year. I play guitar and love to read and write poetry or whatever is on my mind. I love being outdoors and going on hikes, with my dog and best friend Doc Holiday. I love spending time with my amazing friends and exploring around orange county with them. I work at Trader Joes, which is an amazing job and environment for the social person I am. I love being in newspaper because it gives me an opportunity to voice my opinion and share the good and bad news in not only our community, but our country as well. Being on the snapchat team has been such a fun experience and I have made so many new friends. Next year, I will be attending Humber Institute of Technology in Toronto, Ontario, Canada studying journalism.

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