Miles Estrada – Writer (Fiction) (2018)

Good day. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Miles Estrada, and this is my premier year in the field of newspaper at San Clemente High School. How I came about joining this administration is indeed quite a curious matter. I myself happen to be an aspiring writer ( having written 34 short stories, a few poems, 50 or so epigrams, and presently in the midst of a novel), and had been searching feverishly for an output to publish my work in. Whilst researching innumerable magazines, my brother, having been especially impressed with my writing, asked me why it was that I was not a part of the school paper; evidently, I took his suggestion to thought, and here I am. Knowing that many a fiction writer has seen their work through publication in this paper for many years past, I feel that I should naturally put it upon myself to keep that tradition alive and well as a modern day G.K. Chesterton of sorts . If you are curious as to my style of writing, feel free to refer to the works of Arthur Conan Doyle, W. Somerset Maugham, Roald Dahl, Henry James, etc.  Thank you ever so much for your time, and I hope that my contributions make a lovely edition to your paper.


Do peruse my work and spread the word of my career to those inclined:

Creative Writing – “Small Fry”

Creative Writing – “The Very Strange Call”

Creative Writing – “Solitaire for Everyone”

Creative Writing – “Creation”

Creative Writing – “I Saw Her Standing There”

Creative Writing -“The Modern Dodo; A Discourse”

Creative Writing – ‘The Incident with the Coffee: A Very Short Story”

Creative Writing – “The Fool on the Hill”

Creative Writing – “Her Ladybug”

Creative Writing – “Wings”  

Creative Writing – “The Chirp”

Creative Writing – “A Well Respected Man”

I also dabble occasionally in investigative journalism. Feel free to peruse at your leisure:

The Psalm That Goes Like This: An Inside Look into the SCHS Production of Spamalot

Best of SC: Quesadilla; Avila’s

The Show That Ends Like This: A Summation of the Last Two Weeks of SCHS’ Spamalot

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