Jackson Hinkle – Writer (2018)

Hello, my name is Jackson Hinkle, I am a senior at San Clemente High School, and I am a political activist. My drive for the truth is fueled by my deep discontent with the vast amounts of injustice and intolerance present within our society. While writing for the Triton Times, I intend to provide factual information and new thoughts to the currently stigmatized scenes of local, national, and international politics.



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  1. Hello Jackson

    I have been watching your channel with great interest. You are doing a great job in educating the masses. All kudos to you and your staff. I have some information for you regarding the UK and Ukraine:


    The US and the West have been caught off guard by the Supersonic missile and precision bombing of the NATO training center near the Polish border and other military training centers and installation in Ukraine. Face 2 of the operation I think is on now with the destruction of the Ukrainian army.

    You know, I studied in the former Soviet Union and know quite a bit about these areas. I travelled to many areas in the Soviet Union to friends and conferences.

    Please, watch Patrick Lancaster last video, in particular, where the Azov battalion have disrobed themselves of their army uniforms and substituted into civilian dresses. It is worth mentioning that it is only Patrick Lancaster, an independent journalist, who is on the front line of the war, first in the Donbass oblast and now in Mariupol. the main stream media have been horrendous in their reporting with lies. If Russia is losing the war, how come they are taking over the cities? Is it because Kiev and Kharkov are still standing. This is a tactical ploy of Russia, these 2 cities are surrounded and are being slowly squeezed everyday. If the Ukrainians are not going to surrender, the Russians are just going to cut of all supplies, energy supplies and food and water to these cities. The Russians have been very mild at the beginning of this invasion and I think that is why they lost that many troops.

    I understand Putin has given the West up to the end of the month to start paying their oil and gas in Rubles, and the West, and in particular Olaf Scholz of Germany says NO because it was not part of the agreement to sell to them. This is another Foolish Chancellor. My suspicion is that Russia will just turn off the taps.

    Jackson, take good care of your self.

    All Kudos


  2. Hey Jackson

    Mark Kovac here from Ontario,Canada

    Just wanted to comment on the great work you’re doing.

    The sea of lies we’ve been bombarded with daily by the regime media is exhausting.
    Whether it’s covid, the trudeau or biden lies and scandals, the war on Russia.. It all stinks, and the media spin on it all, is infuriating.
    Your video clips, along with the likes of Tim Pool , Rogan, Jones, Kim Iverson, and Jimmy Dore bring forth a much needed broader perspective of the world.

    Your and Jimmy Dores videos on the Ukraine war have been an eye opener to say the least. The azov nazis deserve a lot more exposure, yet no one in the mainstream calls it for what it is…it’s disturbing.

    I’m not Russian, but the anti Russian sentiment push against them has made made me a russia loyalist ,just based on history and what I’m seeing.. I watched your Gonzalo lira interview, and I also got to see the chechyns in mariopul (before you tube pulled your videos)

    I shared all of it with my ever shrinking circle of friends and family.

    Since 2016,when I started calling bullshit on pretty much everything..I’ve lost many friends, not to mention majority of my family .
    I just wish I knew sooner…feel like I wasted a lot of time arguing with people that would never entertain a point of view other then their own..and they’re certainly entitled to their own thoughts …I just strongly disagree and there’s no common ground …so down the road I go..haha!!

    Regardless.. Good on you to ferret out hidden truths and work at sharing that with the world..

    I for one am grateful.

    Keep up the good work

    Best regards


  3. I am very impressed with the stand you are taking.
    I would like to correspond with you.
    I believe that you should be supported.

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