Lacrosse Athlete Profile: Nick Amico

By: Claire Vlasic | Writer

February 14, 2018

San Clemente High School’s Lacrosse season has just begun and players are getting all geared up for a competitive and exciting next few months.

For some, this will be their last season playing on varsity lacrosse, however, for Nick Amico, he is just a junior and still has a year ahead of him, giving him the opportunity to expand his skills throughout the season and share some details about what lacrosse truly entails. Here is an interview with Amico explaining his position, the sport in general, and some of the fun times he’s had during his lacrosse career.

What position do you play and do you like it?

I play defense and I like my position because I like the pressure of being the last person there to stop any goals from happening, it gives me a rush.

What number are you?

I am number two, I have always been that number on all sports teams i’ve been on.

Who is the hardest team to play against?

The hardest team is foothill because although they are not our rivals they are really good and we beat them last year for the first time in like seven years and they beat us in the semi finals so that was really rough for us.

What is you favorite high school lacrosse memory so far?

My freshman year we went on a trip to San Francisco and I think the lacrosse trips are the best part. It was super beast and we went to parties and we played in three games that weekend and we won the last one. It was super fun and it was a great time.

Who has the most potential to be really good this year?

I don’t want to say one person is better than the other but I think that Dillan Hartnov does because he started off on JV but we pulled him up on Varsity, and he’s really progressed over the time and has more confidence, overall good guy.

Do you think you will win league?

Yes I think we will, I am confident. I have faith that we will pull through with all of our hard work.

Are you going to continue playing in college?

I am not sure yet, it depends on the situation and if I am still dedicated by then and not worn out.

How long are practices?

Practices are three hours long everyday and we have games twice a week.

What will this season be like?

This season will be an adventure and an opportunity for younger players to show varsity to show us what they have got.

What equipment do you use?

I use a helmet, a chest guard, shoulder and elbow pads, gloves, an optional mouth guard, cleats, jersey, shorts, and a stick.

Have you ever been injured?

Yes, I got checked with the stick on my wrist really hard and my wrist was a giant ball and till this day I have a scar and it tingles. Besides that i’ve had a hip injury from running.


For any male students who are looking into a new sport, lacrosse is a very fun and exciting option, as it is unique and a true bonding experience as a team. Amico has enjoyed playing lacrosse for his first three years of high school and highly encourages trying new things because although he wasn’t sure about trying out for lacrosse at first, he explains how, “it has made me realize that I am passionate about something and has created so many different friendships for me”.

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