Pet(s) of the Week – Roxy and Maui


By Bailey Peterson | Editor in Chief

November 4, 2014

This week’s special title of Dog of the Week goes out to these special chubby little bunnies Roxy and Maui Thompson. These nine-year-old Puggles belong to senior twins Shelby and Summer Thompson. Their countless Snapchats and Instagrams of these “unconventionally cute” pups are evidence of their love for their dogs.

A day in the life of Roxy and Maui consists of eating and laying around the house, which might explain their plump, but cute figures. Summer says her family sees their struggle with weight as something positive because it gives them “more to love”.

Niether of the female K-9’s are very keen on exercise and are quite lazy. The twins said most days they come home from school to find their dogs lounged out in the exact same position as when they left them.

The dogs rarely get exercise seeing as they can barely make it around the street without starting to huff and puff of exhaustion. In fact, the Puggles are so fat they cannot get up on the bed by themselves. Instead Shelby or Summer asks them “Who wants to go up on the Puggle-vator?” in which the dogs respond by running to the girls and waiting to get lifted up.

Senior Sara Hartanov described Roxy and Maui as “ stubby little pig sausages” and “portly hot dogs”. And the shoe seems to fit seeing as though they are prone to make frequent and adorable snort noises while they walk.

Summer said she loves Roxy and Maui because “they are like people. They both have individual personalities and can talk back with their tails”. Shelby and Summer have a special relationship with their dogs because alike them, they are twins and are often mistaken for one another. Summer chose the name Maui after retuning home from a vacation on this Hawaiian Island; while Shelby chose the name Roxy because she loved the clothes brand Roxy.

These Puggles are very loved and doted upon by their owners who love to cuddle them, Shelby claims, “they are the most lovable dogs and make for the best cuddlers and pillows”.

We hope these adorable pictures of Maui and Roxy will leave you saying, “I like big PUGgles and I cannot lie” because these porky mammals are definitely living the “Pug Life”.

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