What Summer Means For Students with Older Siblings

By: Jason Keany | Media Editor

May 24, 2018

Ah, summer. A time of frolicking in the sand with the locals and nice evening hikes across the purple skyline.

What’s that noise? A bird? A plane? No, it’s your sibling from college. Surprise! They are taking your room. And your bed. And all of those snacks you finally talked your mom into getting. But remember, you still have two weeks of school left so don’t even THINK of staying up as late as them. Going to Mexico for the weekend for some surfing? Not you, you are staying home to do all the projects that the AP teachers assigned to make sure you FEEL like you’re still in school. What about that get-together with all the people you know that also came home? Sweetheart, it’s a Sunday. Get ready for school. Don’t worry, “you’ll be coming home from college one day too”.

But come on, I’m literally done with everything; school is almost over. With that attitude it is. And so is your whole summer if your grades don’t look fabulous. How’s that English grade, hmm? Bobby got an A+ both semesters. That doesn’t look like an A does it.

To my fellow students out there who are beginning to experience this; I am truly sorry. As much as we love them and will probably miss them, right now we just really don’t. And sure, maybe we did take all the things they didn’t bring to college with them. But guys, I’ve been using it for like pretty much a year, so step off and enjoy your dorm-sponsored Netflix account. And that nice shirt they didn’t bring? I want you to take it off right now and hand it over, even though I have a perfectly good shirt on my back at the moment. Yeah, that’s right, I am old enough to vote and I will still act immature but hey, I got into three UC schools.

Friends and fellow siblings, hang in there and remember: you always have the younger sibling.

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4 Comments on What Summer Means For Students with Older Siblings

  1. Rest in piece Matthew Keany, you pretty much annihilated his life. I totally feel this article though, my sister does the same thing

  2. i don’t have an older sibling that goes to college so this isn’t #relatable but it definitely still was xD haha funny and i got a lot of laughs thanks for this it’s iconic

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