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Lynsey Burner | Writer

May 28, 2018

Any type of traveling is always very stressful, takes a lot planning, money, and exhaustion, especially when you’re going out of the country. In the end, it’s all worth it when you get to the place you’re going to.

I recently took a 10 hour flight to Dublin, Ireland with six people and a toddler, and…it was all of those things, to say the least.

Going to a foreign country is always very scary, you never know what you are going to expect. Thankfully in Ireland, everybody at least speaks English, kinda. Right when getting off the plane, I got the biggest culture shock, people driving on the opposite side of the road, different languages and accents being spoken, and no Uber! When traveling, you always have to prepare for the worst, suck it up, and figure it out. That is exactly what we had to do.

After all the chaos of traveling, we took a minute too look around and take in the beauty around us. After all, we were in Ireland! Little stores, pubs, and restaurants on every corner.

Once you take a step out of the same old town you realize there is so much more out there to explore and experience. After seeing a new culture and environment it changes it your perspective on your way of living. There is so much to learn when being put into a environment and to see the cultural and political difference between home, and any other country. Ireland was voting on repealing their 8th Amendment to make abortion legal, which is crazy to think about because it’s been legal here in the United States for 45 years! This just shows that many countries don’t have the same rights and freedom like we do here. By seeing all of this it makes me so grateful to live where I do, and have the life that I have.

Ireland is definitely a place to visit if you have the chance to go to Europe. If you find the right airline, you can practically fly anywhere from Dublin, Ireland to anywhere in Europe for around $100! It’s important everybody explores other areas of the world besides where you grown up in. It makes you a more humble and understanding person.

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  1. I personally love travelling. When I went to England, it was a little stressful at first but then I had so much fun. I wish I had enough time to go to Ireland as well.

  2. Agreeing with the statement made in the last sentence, exploring the world provides better understanding with other’s culture and why of life. Traveling the world is a better source of education than attending school. While getting to learn all about the history as well as experiencing something you have never seen before.

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