Emily Eberhart – A&E Editor (2018-19)

Emily Eberhart is entering her Senior year here at San Clemente High School. Her favorite past time is watching Saturday Night Live clips featuring Kyle Mooney that, editor in chief, Jason Keany sends her on a nightly basis. Emily lives at home with her mother, Janis and her two-year-old goldendoodle, Hazel. When shes not slaving over attempting a satirical article, shes likely preparing for her basketball game tomorrow. She doesn’t play any sports, but shes an avid oil painter and a dedicated dog owner.

Emily spends most of her time obsessing over the hit T.V. show, “Queer Eye.” She also enjoys taking millions of Buzzfeed quizzes, because it is detrimental to her mental health that she find out which Disney Princess she is based off her Subway sandwich order. She’s truly only in this class because she heard Mr. Miller looked like a property brother. The rumors are true.

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