10 Hilarious Halloween Costume Ideas

By: Julia Wilson  | Sports Editor

October 11, 2o18

The Halloween season, to many, is a time to spook and scare. However, sometimes the best costumes aren’t the ones that inspire fear, they’re the funny ones that get all the laughs. These 10 costumes are sure to brighten the spine-chilling spirit of Halloween!

1. The Avocado Men  

2. Spot on Kim Kardashian Impersonator 

3. One-Night-Stand

4. The Revenge of Harambe

5. Dwight Schrute from “The Office”

6. Netflix and Chill

7. Spicing up an old favorite 

8. “Sugar Daddy”

9. Alan from the “Hangover”

10. And last but not least, this presidential pair…


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