Pipe bombs sent to Clinton, Obama and other well-known Democrats

NYPD Bomb Squad car outside Time Warner Center in New York City

October 25, 2018

By: Carli Lawrence| Writer

On October 24th, multiple handmade pipe bombs were sent to Obama, Clinton and other very well known democrats. Some of the pipe bombs were sent through the mail and others delivered by hand. Although none of the bombs made it anywhere close to their intended victims, investigators are still on the hunt for the people or person who made and delivered the bombs. Some people believe the bombs were sent out to kill the intended victims, while others believe the bombs were only sent out as a scare.

The good thing is that pipe bombs are not new and law enforcement has had a lot of experience dealing with them in the past. Very few people have gotten away with it in the past, so there is a very likely chance that the person or people sending the pipe bombs will be caught.

“I believe that the person who did it will get caught due to all the experience law enforcement has with pipe bombs,” senior Quinn Petersen said.

It is believed that the same person sent all of the bombs due to the similar characteristics of each package including: bubble wrap inside, a typed address label on each one and sealed with 6 stamps on the front. Although none of the bombs actually exploded, or harmed anyone, officials are very worried that there may still be other undiscovered bombs at different locations around the United States. Even though the packages were very similar, they were sent all around the United States ranging from California to New York.

“It seems weird that all the packages were very similar but all the locations were far from each other,” senior Brooke Lopez said.

Since the incident, many conspiracies have been forming, spreading information about what people think could have actually happened or who actually created the bombs. Some so interesting that even Donald Trump Jr. has been liking them on twitter. Though most believe the culprit was right-leaning, one of the most popular conspiracies is believed that a group of leftists actually made the bombs, not to harm the receivers, but to make it look like the people on the right are violent and should not be voted back into office with the midterms right around the corner.

No matter the conspiracies, experts have detonated the bombs and are working to find the offender and diffuse tension between the political parties.

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