Bella Barbernell – Writer (2019)

“Bella Barbernell is one of the most outgoing, genuinely honest people I know. You could tell just by her hair! Always count on her to cheer you up because she’ll never fail with that chatty mouth of hers.”- Faith Haas

”Honestly one of the funniest & most iconic people I’ve ever met. Always makes me laugh & gets bonus points for always having the cutest outfits. 10/10!” – Oyuky Bahena

“Bella is very outgoing and can sometimes come off as intimidating and mad at you (don’t worry she isn’t always that way). She is extremely honest and is someone you can trust. Also I can go to sushi with her now because I have a job.” -Lilah Kopenhefer

I used to play softball but I actually am dropping 2nd semester because I’m over it. I like to smile and blast music in my car.

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