Creative Writing – “Forget Stop Remember”


By Stephanie Alpizar | Writer/Photographer

January 13, 2015

We forget.

We forget to try new things because we’re too worried about what society will think of us.

We forget that we’re all smart in our own way.

We forget to stop.

We forget to breathe.

We forget to wonder.

We forget to look up at the stars.

We forget that things are just getting started.

We forget that we’re still young.

We forget that anything is possible.

We forget that the bad will pass, bringing the good along behind it.

We forget that we can make our own rules.

We forget to ask for help.

We forget that we are loved.

We forget that we’re all on the same crap planet, waiting for things to get better; we forget that we can change the world.

We need to stop forgetting.

Stop forgetting to speak your mind, no matter who’s around. Stop forgetting that it’s okay to be curious; to wonder why.

Stop forgetting that it’s okay to be sad, and to cry.

Stop forgetting that it’s okay to be happy, and to laugh, and to smile.

We have to remember.

Remember that you are strong.

Remember that you are beautiful on the inside and out.

Remember what it felt like to be a kid.

Remember what makes you happy.

Remember that you don’t need anyone to save you; you can do it.

Remember to try your hardest, even when it seems impossible.

Remember to not give up, even when it seems so much easier.

Remember that you’re not alone.

Remember that everyone is holding back tears.

Remember to be kind, to yourself and others.

Remember to live.

Remember, because we forget.

We forget.

Don’t forget.



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