Boys’ varsity basketball: the season to come

By: Micah Regalado | Editor in Chief

December 11, 2019

Winter has arrived, and with it another season of Men’s Varsity Basketball. 3-1 to start off the year, the Tritons are hopeful for the season to come and the many games left. After an initial loss against Oceanside, the Varsity team went on to beat Woodbridge, Portola, and Calvary Chapel.

The team consists of 17 players: six seniors, 11 Juniors, and two sophomores. With 13 players listed above the height of six feet, the Tritons are able to size up most opponents. The two tallest players, Bentley Redden and Asher Gardner, both stand at 6’6 and never fail to use this to their advantage. Despite their obvious height, the team relies more on their shooting and tenacity in order to secure the win. 

“Coming off of three wins, I believe we have great momentum for the following season,” Junior Cameron Kooper said. “If we continue to build team chemistry, then we will be truly hard to stop.” Through many hours of watching film, going over plays, practicing, and riding on the bus, the team has already gotten to know one another and therefore play better together once the clock starts. The team may be building momentum, yet the players must be sure to take each game seriously and not underestimate their opponents.

“We need to ensure that players stay healthy this season, we had too many injuries last season,” Varsity Head Coach Marc Popovich said. “For this season, I hope that we can max out, reach our full potential, and contend for a league title.”

With multiple games a week, each player must take meticulous care of their body, utilizing ice and stretching to minimize the possibility of injuries. On top of this, each of the 17 players must bring their all to every game as they never know when their moment might come.

New to this year, the team has the opportunity to participate in a tournament in Utah over winter break, facing a variety of teams they would otherwise not have the chance to face. The December schedule is filled with many tournaments such as this one, and home games do not commence until January when league games start.

For more information on the roster and the upcoming schedule, visit the team’s website,

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