A time of crisis further emphasizes the personal responsibilities of the individual

An infographic released by the American Red Cross to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Micah Regalado | Editor in Chief

March 13, 2020

Dominating the media, coronavirus has taken the world by storm as it has now affected all facets of society. The mass media coverage on the topic has created a division amongst the public, polarizing the virus. There are those who warn of the steps that must be taken to prepare, and those who attempt to rationalize the sensation, appealing to statistics to soothe the nerves of the public. Whether mass hysteria or a serious pandemic, the coronavirus’ impact now extends beyond the actual virus itself. 

For those reading this article that attend San Clemente High School, you have all now felt first-hand the effects of coronavirus. Simple activities such as lunchtime dodgeball have been postponed, and on a larger scale, spring sports’ games and competitions have all been temporarily postponed. The rapid progression within the last 48 hours in terms of news makes it hard to predict the next course of action. Students have of course speculated on the future of the school year regarding all social events as well as school itself, yet currently this remains speculation. 

Washing your hands for at least twenty seconds is an important way to stop the spread of the virus (Getty Images)

Thus, with such rapid changing events, one must wonder: What can I personally do to assist in the situation?

Now, more than ever, it is critically important to focus on one’s individual health. Of course, personal hygiene is crucial at all times; that being said, everyone should be extra responsible when it comes to washing their hands, drinking plenty of water, and sleeping the adequate amount of hours. Not necessarily to only stop the disease itself, simple actions such as these will help allow society to return towards normal activity. 

“The strangest part of the virus is that, at this rate, I have no idea of what tomorrow might bring,” San Clemente High School senior Jonah Olson said. “I think it is important to focus on the current moment as that is all we can deal with.” 

Much of the fear that has arisen relates to the uncertainty of the future. As there is no need to fear over the uncontrollable, everyone should focus on the simple tasks in which they do have power over. 

“I think everyone has a responsibility to continue to make smart decisions at this time,” SCHS senior Zoey Mahl said. “There is much more at risk than simply their individual health.”

The health of each person is dependent upon those around them. Because of this fact, the continuation of responsible action by all will result in a lessened effect on the community. Although the future remains uncertain, students and all community members have the ability to take preemptive action by looking after the health of their bodies.

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  1. I love how this article deals with the responsibility, as a community and as an individual, we have to take on. And, additionally, how a lot of people continue to disregard said responsibilities in August of 2020.

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