2020 NL and AL MVP Predictions

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Cody Bellinger and Mike Trout, two leading candidates for MVP in both leagues. (Photo by Getty Images)

JP Hefft | Sports Editor

March 13, 2020

As of Wednesday, March 11, 2020, the sports world has been in shock and confusion due to the emergence of the coronavirus. The NBA, NHL, and NCAA have all cancelled the remainder of their seasons due to the virus, after a player in the NBA tested positive. However, in the MLB, they have only delayed the start of their season as of today, and still plan to have the 2020 season sometime in the future. The MVP award winners already have their front-runners and sleeper picks, so here are the following award winners that we will be seeing at the end of the season:

To begin with the AL MVP race, it starts and ends with superstar outfielder, Mike Trout. Trout, a 28 year-old player out of Millville, New Jersey, is going to take the MVP for the 4th time in his career. Trout is head and shoulders above the rest of the game, doing unbelievable things in every game he plays in. His five-tool athleticism is truly once in a generation. The stats and plays Trout is going to make this year for the Angels will be a must-watch. 

“Trout is the best player in the game,” San Clemente High School junior Matthew Mcgreevy said. ”He does everything in the game so well, and no one can compete with him toe to toe.”

In the NL, it is not as clear, but the man that is going to take the MVP is Cody Bellinger. Bellinger has proven himself as a real star in the MLB, after taking home the MVP last year. His game is very versatile, meaning he can do a lot of different things at an elite level for his team. He plays first base and outfield, giving him an edge on other candidates such as Christian Yelich. Bellinger is going to take this award once again because he is solid with the bat and defensively dynamic. 

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Cody Bellinger flexes as he runs around the bases. (Photo by Robert Hanashiro)

“I think Bellinger is going to win the NL MVP again,” SCHS senior Jack Martin said. “He and Yelich are going to have a good competition again, but Bellinger is going to take it in the long run.”

Overall, we will be seeing Mike Trout and Cody Bellinger hoisting the MVP trophies for their own leagues, proving their dominance and talent in their sport. These two men are truly at the top of their game, and are on the verge of creating a true legacy in the sport. 

Hopefully, we can see Trout and Bellinger, along with the rest of the MLB, in a short period of time without the coronavirus being a threat to the fans or players’ health. If not, we will just have to wait until we can witness these two superstars’ greatness when the season starts. 

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