Middle school students begin to attend school in class once again

AT SHORECLIFFS MIDDLE SCHOOL, most students returned to a 50/50 hybrid schedule at the start of last week. Owen Simler/Writer

By Owen Simler | Writer

October 11, 2020

Middle schools in Capistrano Unified School District began conducting class from their classrooms at the beginning of this week. Almost everyone is ready for this return and excited to see students attend classes once again. 

While they are allowed to return, there are many different protocols in place to help ensure the safety of the students and the teachers. To ensure social distancing, half of the students return to class while the other half are at home on their digital devices. The next day, the roles are switched. All students and teachers are required to wear masks at all times during the day. 

“There are a lot of good things in place,” Spanish teacher at Shorecliffs Middle School Señor Hennings said, “The students are all wearing masks but not all are social distancing.” Señor Hennings also mentioned that he is thrilled the kids are back and seem to love it. 

While very optimistic about the cases occurring in San Clemente, Señor Hennings said that he does not believe that we will reach full capacity again until the end of the school year in June. 

As students return to school, almost all teachers are excited to have kids back in their classrooms after almost seven months without students.

“Interacting with students is my favorite part of teaching,” Shorecliffs math and history teacher Mr. Davey said. “I am so happy to be talking to my kids in person.” With in class instruction starting back up, many students think of school as a safe place where they can talk with other students, adults, and receive aid and guidance with any problems they might have either at school or at home. 

ALL STUDENTS who choose to return to the 50/50 hybrid style are forced to maintain social distancing and wear masks at all times. Owen Simler/Writer

Many students at San Clemente High School have little brothers and sisters that are going to middle school. “I am happy that my brother is back in school because I think that he needs the interaction,” senior Aidan Giacobello said. 

For many students, school is the only place that they can interact with other children. With depression rates skyrocketing during the COVID-19 pandemic, the interaction with other human beings can help soothe and neglect the struggle with depression for many kids. 

Some students think of middle schoolers returning to be a step in the right direction for students to come back full time in full capacity. “I am excited that middle-schoolers are going back to class and that we are going back to class,” sophomore Milo Simler said. 

With distance learning hopefully coming to an end for good, almost everyone is looking forward to life returning to its former glory. The return of middle school students is a huge step forward in this long and complicated process and many people are taking this as a substantial victory. 

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