Businesses board up in election preparation

DOWNTOWN SACRAMENTO is boarding up in preparations for the results of the election. Sacramento Bee

By Kaitlyn Harsey | Arts and Entertainment Editor

November 3, 2020

Many citizens fear the American polarized political climate, but is there a real fear of a civil war if either candidate wins? Depending on who you ask, the answer is yes because both parties are extremely passionate about their candidates, while some will say no because America has traditionally peaceful power transitions.

We have already seen that this election is unique. For one thing, the raging pandemic has greatly increased the number of mail-in ballots. As a result, the President claims that he will refuse the election results if he doesn’t win because they are fraudulent, leading to fears that widespread unrest could follow election results regardless of the winner.

BOARDING UP: CVS in San Diego is preparing for what could become a reality. Times of  San Deigo.

In many larger cities like D.C, Chicago, and L.A, businesses are boarding up their windows in fear of riots. They fear that their businesses—from small and family owned to corporate chains—will be destroyed as they were with past protests. In these larger cities, the national guard has even come out to monitor any new repercussions of the election. According to NBC, gun and plywood sales have surged.

Videos have been posted on social media platforms depicting these cities as ghost towns. “From the videos that I have seen, they look extremely depressing and reminds me of people preparing for a tornado,” senior Andrew Winkler said. These stores all look abandoned and lifeless compared to the once bustling streets.

BOARDED UP SUBWAY remains open on a barren street. Yegor Aleyev/TASS via Getty Images.

“I wouldn’t call this a necessary measure, but in this day and age, it could prove to be a smart precautionary measure,” senior John Koenigshofer said. “Unfortunately, post-election violence is a possibility that citizens and businesses need to prepare for, regardless of who wins.” 

These polarized politics do not just affect the White House, they affect every United States citizen. At a very unsettling moment in our country’s history, only time will tell what happens next. 

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