Best kombucha for a hot day at the beach: Fermensch


BUBBLY, COLD, AND REFRESHING Fermensch is the best kombucha to drink on a warm day. Gisele Brandt/Triton Times

Gisele Brandt | Head Editor


March 11, 2021

This year’s best kombucha goes to Fermensch Kombucha. The sweet, tangy, bubbly probiotic-filled tea is a refreshing option to drink on a hot beach day.  Some people think all kombucha tastes like vinegar, but maybe those people just haven’t tried Fermensch. “Fermensch is different from any kombucha that I’ve ever tried, it’s the perfect balance of sweet and tangy and their flavor options are all delicious,” senior Emerson Litchfield said.

Fermensch Kombucha is made in small batches and is exclusively available in Orange County. You can find it at most local coffee shops and restaurants either on tap or in bottles, and you can even order it to your house from their website


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