Why Android phones aren’t bad

CONFLICT between Apple and Android phones has been the normal for a long time. Is Android actually worse? Vulcan Post/Dale John Wong

Seth Hahn | Writer

March 25, 2021

Many people strongly dislike Android phones, boldly stating that Apple phones are better in every possible way. And while they both have their benefits and pitfalls, neither are necessarily better than the other. They both have their own use cases, and the generalization that androids are inherently worse is completely wrong.

To be clear, Android is not a company, but Apple is. Android is a lightweight, open source operating system that runs on a wide variety of devices. And because it is open source, anyone with programming abilities can write their own version of the operating system. This leads to a wide, diverse variety of choices and different types of phones.

SAMSUNG phone displayed with a blocky, rounded, blue theme. Samsung

As you may know, Apple products are extremely expensive and typically overpriced. Apple computers and phones can cost up to 2 times what their competitors are pricing with little to no difference in actual device specifications. However, when buying an Android phone, you have many more options with cheaper prices and a much wider variety.

Compared to Apple phones, the specs on Android phones are much more powerful with many more options. Android phones tend to have much more RAM (random access memory, faster CPUs (computer processing unit), and can even have more storage.

The biggest benefit to Android phones is the idea that they are open-source. With an Android phone, you can download custom ROMs which allow the phone to completely change its look and feel. Changing the ROM can lead to performance benefits and the ability to remove pesky pre-installed applications. There is also more accessibility with the developer options that allows much more customization and lower-level options, making Android phones the go-to for tech inclined people.

Apple has become popular for a few reasons. Some are their fantastic advertising, user interface, and the ecosystem they provide. “So basically, here’s the thing, Androids are probably better than Apple phones whenever you want, but Apple has better advertising,” junior Lucas Purzycki said.

APPLE phone XS displayed with a smooth design. Apple Inc.

Their brand uses a visually clean series of widgets and elements with a limited amount of colors. And even though recently, Android has adopted a more aesthetic approach, Apple has been much more aesthetically pleasing from the beginning.

“I own an iPhone and I would agree that Androids are superior in most ways,” junior Robert Schumacher said. “It’s an ecosystem that people don’t want to get out of.” 

The ecosystem is the culmination of Apple services that give benefits to owning more Apple products. Apple services connect with each other and tend to ignore or not support interconnectivity with other platforms, making less people want to switch away from Apple.

“I have an iPhone partly because I want to fit in with everyone else,” sophomore Samantha Jones said. “iPhone is the most popular brand of phone.”

A lot of the hate on Android phones comes with a social status. Most people that hate Android phones have never actually owned one and will continue to feed into their own confirmation bias.

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