Cats are better than dogs

THE ANSWER IS CLEAR cats are the superior pet. photo by Metro

Seth Hahn | Writer

May 20, 2021

The lifelong debate is finally coming to an end. People have been discussing this topic since the beginning of time to no avail. What animal is better, cats or dogs?

CAT. photo by Faith Haas

The answer is obvious, cats are the superior pet.

“Although dogs can be adorable, they are such a hassle because you have to constantly walk them and keep up with their high energy,” sophomore Samantha Jones said. “Cats, on the other hand, just do their own thing and you can easily lay down and pet them.”

The first reason cats are better than dogs is because they take up very little space. Cats only require a few essentials: a litter box, food, and water. 

Also, cats are much more content with living a life solely indoors. Dogs require lots of exercise and need to spend much more time outdoors than cats do. This can be a very big problem if an owner doesn’t have much free time or has mobility impairments.

Have you ever heard a dog bark before? It can be quite a nuisance. Cats, on the other hand, do not bark and are actually extremely quiet. The only sounds that cats may make are the soft meows and purrs during their active hours—the night.

Dogs are attention-loving animals and will greet you at the door like they haven’t seen you in years. Cats are much calmer, and while they may greet you, it’s only to say hello. The difference between a cat and a dog is the amount of attention each needs. Dogs require constant attention, while cats are perfectly happy to be independent. 

“They’re more mellow,” junior Cassidy O’Toner said. “Dogs are great, but cats can just kinda vibe.”

One of the most useful things about cats is that they, naturally, tend towards being hunters. You can see it in the way they carry themselves: they stalk, hunt, and pounce on both their prey and toys. Rodents are a target of a cat’s insatiable thirst for more toys, and if it’s willing to run away—all the better. Your rodent problem? A cat will chase away all those pesky pests.

And yes, there are a few reasons for which having a dog may be better. People who have allergies to cats may be more inclined to get a dog, for logical reasons. 

“We tried having a cat and that didn’t work out because we soon found out that I’m allergic to them,” junior Cassandra Pintle said. “So I think having a cat would’ve changed my opinion, but then dogs were my first pet.”

Both animals are amazing and will bring you immense happiness. The cuteness of them both and the amount of joy they can bring into any owner’s life is most definitely worth it.

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