Teenager-induced climate change will disastrously affect society: here’s why

POTENTIAL FUTURE EFFECTS of global climate change include more frequent wildfires, longer periods of drought, and an increase in the number, duration and intensity of tropical storms. Shuttershock

Sophie Echternach | Writer

October 19, 2021

Our planet has been challenged with climate change for years. However, recently it has become a prominent issue in our society. Irreversible climate events have already affected the planet permanently, and within just a few years, planet Earth may never be the same again.

Previous generations have spent their lives going without smog checks on their cars, smoking cigarettes, and excessively using plastic bags, unknowingly killing the planet one day at a time. As newer generations step into adulthood, it is vital now more than ever that they not only learn how to care for the planet, but teach younger generations to care for the rare life and nature of Earth.

Young children learn about recycling and water conservation in school, while adults are forced to make choices that impact where their plastic waste will be deposited and the extent of their carbon footprint. Teenagers, however, are the most careless for the planet’s wellbeing. Forgetting the “save it, don’t spray it,” and “save the turtles” lessons, teenagers are some of the biggest perpetrators of today’s climate change.

The current disasters facing Earth are melting glaciers, record heat waves and cold spells in places where neither should be occurring, accelerated sea level rising, and more trash than ever before in our oceans. Due to the lack of education on how actions such as not properly recycling plastic, allowing car exhaust to pollute the air, and leaving the water on while brushing teeth, the Earth is suffering at the hands of those who inhabit it.

“Being informed on what climate change is and the impact it has on our Earth” is necessary in being able to fight it, junior Ella Jobst said when asked about how teenagers can make a positive effect on the planet. “It is important people learn how to help by reducing water waste by taking quicker showers, actually consuming food you buy and unplugging electronic devices when they are not being used.”

While it may take a little practice to take quicker showers and remember to unplug your device, junior Tessa Campbell also offered some advice on how to immediately have a positive effect on the environment. “I think of carpooling, and not using as much waste,” Campbell said. “Throwing away trash and using recycling bins and also supporting sustainable clothing brands.”

There are both long term and short term goals that can be achieved in order to better the planet. Unfortunately, if humans, teenagers especially, do not take matters into their own hands to stop climate change, the effects will be detrimental on all of mankind’s health, living conditions, and livelihood. 

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