Incoming Tritons

San Clemente High School has done an amazing job welcoming the entire freshman class into high school and making our school home to for incoming Tritons. But despite our help in the matter, high school is a big jump for many of the freshmen entering the Triton family.

“I like a lot about high school,” exclaimed Jacob Winkler, a freshman from Bernice Ayer Middle School, “I like that there are so many activities to do.” ASB certainly has put together many events to welcome the freshmen. From free ice cream to the spirit assembly and the Homecoming Parade, its no wonder freshmen enjoy high school so much!

In addition to being more involved in the community, being in high school also means a new beginning, and setting resolutions for yourself. Kathy Merida, freshman, plans to “gain more confidence and develop great, new strategies” to improve herself. Additionally, she sees that another upside to being a Triton as being able to meet new people.

However, despite the positive side of high school, students face challenges along the way as well. “To me, high school is harder than middle school,” Kathy admitted. “You need to be more prepared, and teachers are much harder on you, as they are preparing for college.” For many students here, the leap to high school was a tricky one. To freshmen, high school means late nights finishing that essay, or studying for that exam the next day.

High school has proved to be one exhilarating challenge for incoming Tritons. Let’s wish these new students luck in their new school!

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