Saylor’s Fight Against Leukemia

For most students, the first week of school is exciting and new but for Saylor Voris, sophomore, there was an unfortunate turn of events. After the first few days of school, Saylor was diagnosed with leukemia. Saylor is a well-loved cheerleader around campus and her diagnosis hit close to home for everyone in the community.

Saylor knew there was a problem when she found a bug bite that continued to grow larger. After having a reaction to the bite, she was admitted to the San Clemente hospital on September 16th, then she was transferred to Children’s Hospital of Orange County Mission Viejo, and finally to CHOC Orange. There, a spinal tap and bone marrow draw determined the type and stage of the leukemia. When the results came, she was informed that she had acute myeloid leukemia.

After being diagnosed, her doctors decided on a treatment plan of chemotherapy for ten days straight followed by a bone marrow transplant. After searching long and hard for a match, doctors discovered a  donor. Fortunately, Saylor’s  brother, Sam, had compatible bone marrow for Saylor’s treatment.

Saylor has overcome many obstacles such as  pneumonia, chemotherapy, and hair loss as well as not being able to see her friends. Even through the tough times, she keeps an optimistic view and a smile on her face.

In Saylor’s fight against cancer, many friends and family members have stepped up to support her in her battle. Her family is taken care of as well: her home is always clean, her dog is taken out, and her refrigerator is always full for the rest of her family. Donations have been very generous. Multiple fundraisers have been held to support and donate for her treatment. Her supporters have begun to sell #PrayforSay wristbands to raise money for Saylor. Saylor has been so thankful for all the support she had been receiving; please keep Saylor in your prayers in her fight to beat cancer.


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