MLB offseason winners and losers so far

Rangers rumors: Texas wants Corey Seager after Marcus Semien deal
COREY SEAGER (left) and Marcus Semien (right). ClutchPoints

Jack Hagen | Sports Editor

December 6, 2021

The past few weeks have been quite eventful in the baseball world. Numerous stars have signed massive contracts with new teams as rosters seem to be shuffling around. Here are some of the biggest winners and losers so far.


The Texas Rangers

The biggest spender by far, the Texas Rangers are making a big push to turn the team around this year. Their biggest signing was with former Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop Corey Seager. He signed for $325 million over the course of ten years. This monster deal was nothing less than earned, as Seager is sure to bring value to Texas. On the other side of the middle infield, the Rangers signed star Marcus Semien to a seven-year $175 million contract. Look for these two to make a big splash together at the top of the Texas Rangers’ lineup.

The New York Mets

Max Scherzer explains why he decided to sign with Mets
MAX SCHERZER in his new colors. Yahoo Sports

The Mets made waves with the signing of arguably the game’s best big-game pitcher: Max Scherzer. He signed for the biggest contract in baseball, earning $43.3 million per year. With Jacob DeGrom in the rotation as well, the Mets are looking elite on the mound heading into the 2022 season. On top of this, they added elite bats in Mark Canha, Starling Marte, and Eduardo Escobar.

“It is going to be crazy to see the Mets with Scherzer and DeGrom in the same rotation,” senior Kaden Giles said. “I can’t wait to see what they can do together on the same team.”


The Los Angeles Dodgers

The loss of Corey Seager and Max Scherzer are major blows to the team. Not having that bat, glove, or arm is going to leave a hole to fill for manager Dave Roberts. However, they do have one of the deepest rosters in the league, so it should not be too big of a problem. When it came down to it, despite the organization’s wealth, keeping every single star was not going to be possible. It is expected that this concentration of talent be dispersed to other teams.

“Losing Corey Seager is very tough for the Dodgers,” senior Ryan Dunbar said. “He was a major part in their world series victory, and he will be missed here in LA.”

The Oakland Athletics

The A’s now have a major gap in their lineup with Semien and Marte leaving. Two of their leading batters have moved on to larger contracts with bigger teams, something seen time and time again as small market teams like the A’s can’t hold onto their stars for too long as they don’t have the money to pay them. Just like what happened with Johnny Damon and Jason Giambi in the famous Moneyball story, the stars are leaving Oakland for bigger and better places to play.

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