Homecoming 2013

For most high school students, homecoming is a chance to kick off the new school year. It’s fun for everyone, whether you’re a returning student or a freshman to experiencing your first high school dance. Many freshman dream of finally being able to attend a high school dance and homecoming is their first chance to experience one.

Melia Graves, a freshman said, “Homecoming wasn’t anything like our middle school dances. This dance had great music, lights, and decorations. At middle school dances people were always so worried about what others were thinking of them, but the atmosphere at homecoming was so much more fun and exciting; no one really cared what other people were thinking. We were all just there having a great time together! Also, it was really cool to be able to experience a dance with kids ranging from 9th grade all the way to 12th! It was definitely an amazing dance to start out years at SCHS!”

To most people, homecoming is just a fun event, but for ASB, it’s more than that. Many people talk about the experience that the homecoming dance gives you, but do you ever wonder what preparation has to take place to make it all happen? Colin Hurlbut and Mason Delahooke, seniors, are both on ASB and had a lot of work to do to make sure homecoming went well.

Maya Fransz-Myers: Compared to last year, how do you think this homecoming turned out?

Colin Hurlbut: The theme this year was extremely influential over the experience at the game as well as the dance. Also, there was way more effort this year and it resulted in the dance and game turning out one hundred times better.

MFM: What preparation did you guys have to go through to make sure this homecoming ran smoothly?

CH: Well, we’ve been working on homecoming since June, so that shows how much time we put into this event. ASB has been planning this for five months, and it wasn’t easy. We ordered stuff from so many different places, we had to make flyers, figure out sponsors; it was a process. There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes that students don’t see, most kids only see homecoming week but there’s a lot of preparation that must take place so we can have it. There are a lot of hoops to jump through to be able to carry out an event like homecoming.

MFM: Considering that most students are paying for ASB cards at the beginning of the year, and added onto that we have to pay for dance tickets as well, where does all this money go?

CH: Basically, the money we get from the ASB cards supports us all year. They are our biggest fundraiser. They pay for assemblies, pep rallies, activities, and the money made from them is our budget for the whole year. The dance tickets pay for the dances, while the cards pay for about everything else.

MFM: Since you are both seniors, what do you hope next year’s homecoming turns out like? Is there anything you would change?

CH: With each homecoming it’s different. Personally, I think this year was perfect, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Next year, they need someone with the right work ethic and motivation to be able to pull it off. If you don’t care, then it won’t work out. See, Mason and I genuinely cared about homecoming and I think that’s the main reason it turned out so well.

Mason Delahooke: Also, since next year is the 50th  anniversary, I hope ASB is able to make it especially good. The key thing about making sure homecoming runs smoothly is getting involvement. If everyone on next year’s ASB are able to get fully involved, I’m sure it will turn out great!

The homecoming game, one of the most sought out events of the year by all the students, has become a memorable occasion with the spectacular half-time show and fireworks. Even though the SCHS varsity football team lost to El Toro in a three hour match with the score of 7 to 29, many of the students had a great time with friends and/or family. In an interview with two freshman girls on their thoughts about the homecoming game, they answered:

How did you like the homecoming game and the halftime performance?

Claire Moore: “It was really fun. I recommend everyone to go next year. I’m really bummed the football team lost, but the halftime show was very creative and made up for the lost game. The junior and sophomore’s dances were definitely the best. The fireworks were super cool; nobody expected it! I hope they have more fireworks next year!”

Lauren Brzykcy: “The game was wonderful. Even though we lost, I’m totally going next year! The halftime show was very entertaining and the highlight of the night. The fireworks were amazing too; they lasted so long!”

Some people may not be keen on sports and decide not to go, but the homecoming game is an extremely enjoyable experience that creates memories that will last a lifetime—no matter what interests individuals are into.

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