Best poke bowl: Poke Tiki

Poke Tiki uses the freshest poke to make the most delicious bowl.

Sophie Echternach | Writer

February 14, 2022

In the last year, poke has become one of the most popular post beach meals in SC and the only thing better than eating that delicious poke is getting it from San Clemente’s most popular Poke restaurant, Poke Tiki. 

Located at 979 Plaza Pacifico, you can find the freshest poke behind the front door. With over 10 choices of protein, too many toppings to count, and 8 unique sauces, the possibilities are endless with the “Build-Your-Own-Bowl” option they offer. Poke Tiki is unique from other Poke restaurants because they have cultivated a taste like no other by fusing Japanese, Korean, and Hawaiian flavors.

Poke Tiki’s variety of proteins and toppings helps to create your own unique bowl.

Open since 2018, hundreds of San Clemente residents have come through the doors of Poke Tiki and many have created their own bowls they go back for regularly. Junior at SCHS, Audrey Fowler said, “Live, love, eat Poke Tiki all week! I get the spicy tuna with white rice, and their corn and edamame. It is so bussin!” This is just one example of the endless possibilities of deliciousness using their fresh protein choices of salmon, tuna, crab, shrimp, and more!

Open from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm, Poke Tiki is the best spot in San Clemente to get your Poke fix any time of day!


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