Why the internet is going crazy over Trisha Paytas and her new baby


TRISHA: Many believe that Trisha’s baby is the reincarnation of the late Queen. TMZ

Claire Hedger | Writer

Internet personality Trisha Paytus and her husband Moses Hacmon welcomed their first child into the world on September 14, 2022. Paytas took to her Instagram to announce the birth of her daughter, Malibu Barbie Paytas-Hacmon, on a post that received over half a million likes. Though this surge in numbers comes as no surprise to Paytus, for she has been in the public eye for many years, and the birth of her baby has been long awaited by fans. However, because Trisha has been “canceled” (a term used when a celebrity does something that the internet deems offensive) over a dozen times, it’s no surprise that her baby’s birth came with controversy as well.  

Many rumors began to arise revolving around Paytas’ baby after she took to Twitter to announce she was “1 cm dilated! Woo hoo!”. This led fans to believe that Trisha was in active labor when in reality she was nowhere near. Unfortunately, Trisha unknowingly posted the tweet just hours before the death of Queen Elizabeth was announced. 

BABY: Moses (left) and Trisha (right) welcome a new baby girl. The U.S. Sun

Because of the unfortunate timing, it wasn’t long before fans began theorizing that her baby was the reincarnation of late Queen Elizabeth. What started as a simple Twitter meme snowballed into an internet frenzy of fake news, even becoming #2 trending on Twitter. Top trending was the news of the Queen.

On top of all that, rumors began to circulate that Trisha named her baby Elizabeth after the Queen. 

“I actually believed that Trisha named her baby Elizabeth. I mean, it’s totally something that Trisha would do,” said junior Chloe Gerhard.

The following day, Trisha took to Tik Tok to show off her still pregnant belly and announced that she had, in fact, not gone into labor. On Tik Tok, Trisha expressed her confusion about the situation and claimed that it was “attention that [she] did not want”. 

One week later, Trisha officially announced the birth of her baby. This time, it was real.”

 “[she’s] really nervous for how Trisha’s daughter turns out.” an SCHS junior said. While it may never be known if Malibu Barbie is actually the reincarnation of Queen Elizabeth, all we can hope for is that she lives a happy and healthy life. 

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  1. Although Trisha is crazy and very problematic. I think she just wanted to express her excitement for her unborn baby. Unfortunately, she had the worst timing.

  2. When I first heard Trisha Paytas was pregnat I couldn’t help but worry for the babies well being, considering that she proably isn’t the most mentally stable. I completey agree with everything the two students had said in this article about the rumors and about her baby.

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